Springfield Vermont is my hometown!

I’m celebrating 20 years of home ownership this year and it feels pretty stinkin’ remarkable!
I’m excited about the new adventures of public painting in this art club I’ve been developing over the past 5 years.
Through trial and error, and much grace needed along the way, I’m living out loud this dream of creating a community art program that is called “Art in Our Town”. A bit of a spin-off from Wendi Germain’s/Springfield Restorative Justice Center’s “Not in Our Town” campaign to hold our ground with the recent crime increase that has all of us pulling together closer as neighbors and friends; business & home owners.
Art has a way of translating us to another place in time. We are forever grateful as a family for all the support we’ve felt here in Springfield, VT. I still have a heart that wants to give back, while mentoring fellow artists to reach their fullest potential.
Thank you all for encouraging me to run towards the prize that is set before me.


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