Keep Moving Forward!

Today I am painfully aware that I overthink a LOT in my life.

I like those ducks to be in a straight line, following me perfectly. Yet in reality, they are monkeys and they all belong to me. They copy me, they run ahead. They make faces and laugh at me. But somehow, I just keep moving forward. Determined to follow this vision for our community through to what will be NEW LIFE in Springfield. Drawing from my 17 years in 12 step I take one day at a time, I make a personal inventory of what is good and what is not good in me, and I rat myself out to another trusted soul.
I’m a work in progress, and so is this adventure of bringing a more accepting approach to art in our town continues.
My personal vision is to see more families and individuals recognize their potential as creative beings. To see that spending time with one another doing things creative, will nurture community within. We are all ONE BODY, and all have something to contribute. It’s my desire and passion to take the fear out of the equation, and make art an enjoyable, team building experience for one another.
So I keep moving forward. Trusting that I’m being led to where I will be today. That I will do and say what I’m led to do and say. And that my desire for such LOVE that becomes evident with connections between humans is GODLY and will grow to be amazing – far beyond what my monkeys think we can do.