One of the items you might learn to paint while visiting the Art Gym

Springfield Art Gym is coming to downtown Springfield thanks to the diligence of Wendi Lashua-Germain and many of her Springfield Restorative Justice Volunteers!
You’ll be able to drop in with or without your kids at this no fuss drop in center where people will “exercise their creative process”.
Come paint, color, do bead work, macrame, sculpt with upcycled items. It’s all about exploring – exercising your creative wings.
We may become too big for our space after one year, but for now 3 Main Street (formerly the home of Computers by Ken) will be our location.
If you click on the name it will take you to our Facebook page. There will be an EVENT that I’ve created to raise awareness, and raise money to pay for our 501 (3) c and insurance.
Springfield is the home of SO many talented artists. We hope that those with years of experience will choose to hang out with the newcomer and just watch as the miracle happens when creative minds come together in one place.
CELEBRATE with us as we make this dream come true.

Published by Mona Frye

Not quite a Vermont native, I moved here in 1987 and immediately fell in love with the beauty of the landscape; the wholesomeness of the people. Vermont artists in particular are honored for their craft; appreciated for the vision. Today, that vision has brought me to a passion for community through art projects that benefit all. I LOVE seeing small children and their parents working side by side with seasoned artists and senior citizens. There are no limits to who can participate - I've worked with former inmates yet under supervision of the Dept of Corrections, to home school networks of intuitive souls with a GREAT sense of humor! Currently, in collaboration with Springfield on the Move, and Springfield Restorative Justice Center, and several members of the community, our project is to collaborate with fellow artists of all ability levels, and create a welcoming space right in downtown Springfield, where anyone can drop in and CREATE! Either guided, or working independently, our doors will be open to grow in the arts. This community art room is called "SPRINGFIELD ART GYM: where people are welcome to exercise their creativity!" I adore making Springfield more beautiful, and bringing out the beautiful artist in everyone. Please don't be shy in contacting me. You can find me on facebook as well.

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